Gender roles are a range of behaviors and expectations associated with the man or woman, such as the assumption that the woman will take care of the children while her husband works, or that a woman is meant to be kind and gentle, whereas their counterpart is desired to be assertive and wealthy.

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Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh in “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997)

There is a common trope in movies, books, and shows when there is a woman narrative, that her love interest is a popular, rich, famous, and powerful man, and she pales in comparison to his influence. It is the woman that “humbles” the man and teaches him…

The acclaimed pop-rock band, The Rolling Stones, debuted in 1967 and is still performing today. Some of their top hits include “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, “Paint it, Black”, and “Sympathy for the Devil”. Even if you haven’t heard any of their songs, their iconic name and logo are still popular among alternative teens as vintage tee’s with the vibrant red mouth reign, right next to other rock bands such as Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses. …

The goddess Circe is depicted as evil in many instances, including the epic, The Odyssey, as she turns men who come to her kingdom into animals. Mostly she turns them into pigs, which is her opinion on the male species (understandable). John William Waterhouse depicts Circe to Ulysses in “Circe Offering The Cup to Ulysses” in 1891.

The painting is in the point of view of Ulysses as Circe looks into the woman’s eyes. His figure is seen in the mirror behind her throne, holding a posture of unsurety and caution.

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“Circe Offering The Cup to Ulysses”, John William Waterhouse (1891)


The painting has a noticeable bluish-grey and colder…

This is the start of a four-part series where I analyze three paintings depicting goddesses, and I will compare and contrast them. This article first analyses the Goddess, Diana.

Diana is the Roman goddess of domestic animals, hunting, the moon, conception, childbirth, and virginity. Even though she is the goddess of virginity, she is constantly portrayed as nude. Although it can be argued that it is the study of the body and even the representation of motherhood, it is also a conscious choice made by the artist to sexualize this goddess.

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Johannes Vermeer “Diana and Her Companions” (1655–1656), oil on canvas

A common theme in other paintings is Diana’s passion…

What is art?

This is a phrase that we have heard and thought to ourselves countless times in the art world. This question is usually brought up when an art piece breaks the rules and is displayed in a nonconventional manner.

“Modern Art” is sometimes used as a term that hovers over all of the work that is not “good” or “detailed”. …

There is a distinct variety of the quality of shows and movies that Netflix releases, and even though they provide many great ones, sometimes, they fall victim to showing epically terrible entertainment. These are the movies that came out in 2020, or shows that have just updated a new season in the past year. Most of these titles were on the top ten most-watched list, and yet they share problematic qualities. The following list is a subjective opinion based on what I watched, therefore I cannot judge shows or movies that I have not seen.

10. To All The Boys PS. I Still Love You

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This “To All the Boys…

There are levels of which a reader immerses themselves into a book, one where they know nothing of the plot and general discourse of those who have read it, or others where the anticipation is eager due to the fandom’s earnest claims of its enjoyment. However, sometimes a reader is fooled by these reviews, often seen on the back of the books, made by famous authors, that praise the book’s storytelling, inventive world-building, character development, and dynamic plot. Even though each opinion of the novels is subjective, some time’s the book's hype gives the anticipating reader higher expectations. Sometimes the…

Paul Gauguin, a renowned artist, has left a lasting impact on many people and artists to this day. His style ranges from post-impressionist, symbolist, synthetist, and the curator or primitivism, inspiring other artists to follow in his style. Other famous artists such as Van Gough, Paul Sérusier, Camille Pissarro, and Ker-Xavier Roussel were enthralled by his style and the way that he viewed the world. He gave advice on how to properly mix colors and guided Sérusier to create Landscape at the Bois d’Amour at Pont-Aven (1888; also called The Talisman). Sérusier was the group founder of Les Nabis, which…

The works of Pierre Bonnard are often celebrated among the art community, as the Impressionist artist painted humble and mundane scenes that capture the viewer’s attention. His paintings are both praised for their unique process and style but critiqued for his constant affixation on his naked wife. The art critic Linda Nochlin focuses on his wife’s nudity in the bath, and she isn’t alone as other feminist scholars condemn his objectification of women’s bodies. My argument differs slightly as I acknowledge how he sexualizes his wife, while also showing the viewer another solemn side to her. Bonnard’s paintings that depict…

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I am a writer and an artist who loves to spend my time reading and swimming. I love art history and I want to expose it more so the world can love it too.

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