A Poem About Anger And What To Do When You Can’t See Straight

When anger comes to you as a viper,

Feel as it wakes from the bottom of your stomach,

Curling in your throat, and feeling its heart beating on your tongue.

Wait for its burning venom to flick from your open mouth.

It prefers pained hands and a wrecked chair to sleep on,

But remember to put it to sleep inside of you.

It prefers the warmth of the blood pumping and shallow breaths,

Feeding and growing off the shadowy thought of retaliation.

What would happen, if you obeyed?

It’s best to nourish it with a ticking watch, and maybe a…

A Poem About Accepting Death

The mother’s nurturing curves at the warm springs,

As I grow too old to be held at night.

Slick against the rocks, the guiding force carries me.

Shallow slides and an unknown trail of clouds gaze down.

Each leaf titters like fairy’s wings,

hard at work at the soothing brook.

Each silky ripple brushes my skin with the same love of a moon’s light,

And I blossom with open hands and eager faces,

Alongside the flowers that nod on the water’s shakey surface;

Sojourners guided by the ocean’s pull, drawing us nearer to the unknown.

Wanderers that allow the day…

How We Can Stop Victim Blaming in Every-Day Life

Illustration of victim-blaming. (Shutterstock/File)

TW: Rape and Sexual Assault

A girl arrives at a party, dressed in her best clothes, excited to have fun with her friends. She moves from room to room in the frat house, drinking, and dancing, talking to everyone she knows. The guy that has been talking to her notices when she becomes too incapacitated and leads her up to her room. At this point, she is too intoxicated to consent to any sexual activities, but he engages anyways.

This scenario occurs many times, and I have heard many excuses from men, as well as blaming the survivors, as to…

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Why Artists Do Their Best Work While In Collaboration With Others

When you think of a genius, you might think of a specific person who might have been branded the sole creator of their groundbreaking ideas or inspiring art. Einstein is the Genius of the Math world, Picasso is the Genius of Cubism, and Pollock is the mind behind the abstract expressionist movement.

I, too, fall into this mindset often.

Sometimes, when I think of a certain artist and their immense talents, I am positive that they have knowledge that is out of this world. …

A Poem

On the precipice of sleep

I thought that my cat was the entirety of Ancient Egypt.

With the sun burnt sand and the cultures of the past,

She lied on the pillow where I rested my head.

Like the Great Sphinx that continues to watch the time pass

Her paws graze my forehead and I know that she calls for my attention.

The dish filled with kidney care kibble remains untouched for days,

Yet, she looks at me with longing and tired eyes.

She never leaves this bed.

I was comforted by her warmth yet she growled at a pain…

A true story

In my freshman year of high school, my sister and I helped two boys stranded on the side of the road. It was late in the school year, a mere week from my last day, and I awaited summer by anxiously counting down the final days of school. Marya was a senior, and had finished her last day and graduated a week before with the rest of her class. The other grades had been forced to extend the school year due to all of the snow days that forced us to stay home. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were forced to…

A Poem About A Woman’s Experience in the Patriarchy

Japanese Color Woodblock Print, People of the Snow Country, by Takagi Shirō, 1978

Just because I see the blue in his eyes,

Doesn’t mean I care.

With sweeping snow that shifts underneath our feet like salt

We talk about how the internet has only pierced

Our brains, and show us how males view

Our existence on this earth, like it is meant

To please others, like it is our duty.

Elise shakes some flakes resting on her shoulders

And tells me about her brother’s

Deepening root that curses his sisters and mother,

It’s infected growth that resides under our houses,

That murder our sisters.

To him, it’s merely a poke or tease.


How Different Artists Depict Goddesses and Use Clothes To Enforce Their Ideas of Empowerment

Humans have been invested in religion, fables, literature, and fairytales for centuries as ways to explain the world that we live in. We also create these images of a fantasy where we envision ourselves in a better or more appealing world, thus creating the romanticism and impressionism that rely on beauty. A grand majority of art has religious connotations whether it is Christian, Greek, Islamic, or Buddhism. In my comparison I will be examining three depictions of Goddesses in art from different time periods, starting in 1655 with Johannes Vermeer’s “Diana and Her Companions” that portray the Roman goddess also…

The double standard in power dynamics only enforces sexist beliefs where the woman must never be stronger than the man.

Gender roles are a range of behaviors and expectations associated with the man or woman, such as the assumption that the woman will take care of the children while her husband works, or that a woman is meant to be kind and gentle, whereas their counterpart is desired to be assertive and wealthy.

Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh in “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997)

There is a common trope in movies, books, and shows when there is a woman narrative, that her love interest is a popular, rich, famous, and powerful man, and she pales in comparison to his influence. It is the woman that “humbles” the man and teaches him…

Corryn Pettingill

I am a writer and an artist who loves to spend my time reading and swimming. I love art history and I want to expose it more so the world can love it too.

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